In order to be eligible for services from ITCLA, applicants must first meet several requirements:

Must be a registered member of a Federally recognized Native American tribe,     Alaskan Native or Native Hawaiian living within the ITCLA service area.

–> Must be unemployed, underemployed, or economically disadvantaged at the time of application.

–> Must be 18 years of age or older for adult programs; 16-24 years old for youth programs.

–> Total family income must be within the guidelines established annually by the Department of Health and Human Resources in order to receive full services. If total family income is higher thanthe guidelines, applicants can still qualify, but will not be able to receive full financial assistance.

–> Must be willing to participate in a 3-part study for the Department of Labor.

–> Must agree to follow all policies and procedures set forth by all ITCLA partners, and the training sites.​

–> Must agree to provide proof of income twice for the 1st year after the program is completed.

–> Must have High School Diploma or HiSet; may be allowed to work towards HiSet while participating.

–> Must be seeking and willing to accept permanent full- time or part- time employment after training period has ended

–> Must be willing to relocate for employment 50 + miles outside of current residence and reside in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Mississippi. (for Relocation Programs ONLY).

–> ​Must relocate within 30 miles of new jobsite in one of the participating states; Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Mississippi. (For Relocation Programs ONLY).​

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