Senior Community Service and Employment Program

The goal of SCSEP is to provide useful part-time and temporary community service to host agencies, and to assist participants with updating or developing the skills they need to obtain permanent “unsubsidized” work in their community for persons who are:

  • 55 years old or older;
  • Under 125% Poverty Threshold
  • Unemployed and have poor economic
    prospects and/or history;
  • Reside in county/parish where authorized
    positions exist and are available.

“Transform your workforce – Hire an Older Worker!”

SCSEP seeks partnership with ‘host agencies” from the private and/or nonprofit sector, in conjunction with the participation of government for the specific purpose of skills and unsubsidized employment outcomes for seniors.

“Age is nothing but a number and the wealth of knowledge and experience is an asset.”

What is a Host Agency?

Host agencies provide the skills training a SCSEP participant needs to make them him/her job ready. 

IID seeks to partner with agencies that contribute to the welfare of the community, provide services related to publicly owned and operated facilities and programs, or projects sponsored by non-profit and/or government organizations. These services must represent a variety of sectors (including, but not limited to: education, health, housing, recreation, conservation, etc.).

These agencies should also:

  • Offer appropriate, quality training that will prepare the SCSEP participant for unsubsidized jobs;
  • Meet safety standards;
  • Can assist with job search requirements;
  • Are willing to consider hiring the participants (budget permitting)

These partnerships provide communities with millions of service hours annually that would not be otherwise available. 

Why should you partner with IID, SCSEP?

Our SCSEP participants can add value to your organization. SCSEP seniors:
  • Have experience
  • Are very dedicated
  • Have high work ethics
  • Can save your company money
  • Not only need to work, but want to work
Becoming a host agency provides you with the following:
  • Dedicated seniors who are eager to learn what is new in the workforce
  • Temporary support for your staff, strengthening the programs and services you provide to the community
  • Training costs covered by SCSEP
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance for participants provided by SCSEP
  • The ability to delegate work assignments and compare priority tasks more efficiently with the aid the SCSEP participant at your facility
  • SCSEP participants who can add to your productivity level
Becoming a host agency with IID SCSEP helps cultivate America’s greatest resource: PEOPLE!

This program is funded  100% by  a grant awarded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The PY2018 grant amount is $1,997,736.00. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Department of Labor. The Deparment of Labor makes no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to such information, including any information or its completeness, timelines, usefulness, adequacy, continued availability, or ownership.

If you are interested in this federally funded program and would like more information, please contact us.